'Big Bang Theory' Star Mayim Bialik Posts Heartbreaking Tweet That Has Fans Already Missing Amy Farrah Fowler

If it wasn't hitting fans yet, the cast of The Big Bang Theory is driving home that the series is [...]

If it wasn't hitting fans yet, the cast of The Big Bang Theory is driving home that the series is coming to a close in less than a month.

Kaley Cuoco already got the ball rolling with her post noting that the end "felt real" now, but Mayim Bialik might've just hit the sadness bullseye with her post on Twitter. The former Blossom star posted a look at her dressing room from the set, noting all the moments she shared with friends, family, and cast members in there, and confirming that the time had come to tear it down.

The Twitter post was linked to a blog post on her GrokNation website that noted that she and the rest of the cast had reached the point where they'll "need to say goodbye" to the show, the co-workers, friends, and others they won't get to see regularly.

"We are leaving the comfort of a job (which includes Warner Brothers, with its awesome gym facilities and delicious commissary). And, I am readying myself to re-enter the world of being a mom and looking for whatever work I'll have next," Bialik wrote. "For nine years that room has been my hang out space, my socializing space, and my refuge. Pretty much every cast member has been in there at one point or another. My kids have hung out there. I've had boyfriends and ex-husbands join me, managers and agents, and my mom and her book club friends. It's my place at work. I meditate and nap in my room every tape night for the past almost two years. And now it's gotta go."

The star gave fans a tour of the room and the details behind what everything she's packing away has meant over the past few years. She combs through the furniture, the decorations on the wall, and more while pondering what the final bit of her tenure will get packed away.

"Probably the picture of me at five-years-old, which is on the door that faces the hallway," Bialik singles out. "Because when this all ends, that's what really remains. That's me. A kid. Playing dress up as my living. And that room held all of the hope and inspiration and dreams of that little girl. And now it's time for her to step out of that comfort zone to find her next adventure."

The post itself is touching, even getting some additional details from co-star Kevin Sussman on Twitter.

"I've laughed a lot in that room. And cried. Well, maybe not cried, I'm not a big cryer, but I've seen you cry in there," the actor mentioned. "Not sure what my point is...just, I feel ya."

But he wasn't alone. Many fans also chimed in and shared their thoughts, zeroing in on the impending loss of her character, Amy Farrah Fowler.

"I will miss Amy Farrah Fowler!!" one fan wrote.

"So sad [I'm] going to cry so hard," another fan added with some crying emojis. "At the end y'all are all like a part of my family to me even though we have never met there will never be another sitcom that [i'll] love as MUCH."

"This makes me so sad!" a third adds. "Will miss you, Mayim! But can't wait to see what your future holds!!"

Other fans celebrated the show's 12 seasons on the air, noting that it outlasted many iconic shows like Friends, Seinfeld, and Star Trek. The Big Bang Theory also set a record with its final season, passing Cheers to become the longest-running multi-camera sitcom in history.

The finale for the series is also sure to set some viewing records, a rarity in the modern Peak TV era of television.

The Big Bang Theory airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS and its finale will air May 16.