'The Addams Family' Sequel Series in the Works From Tim Burton

The Addams Family is returning. According to Deadline, Tim Burton is developing a live-action TV [...]

The Addams Family is returning. According to Deadline, Tim Burton is developing a live-action TV series that will be a sequel to The Addams Family, which aired from 1964-1966. Burton is looking to executive produce and possibly direct all episodes of the franchise.

This has yet to be confirmed, but Deadline is reporting the series "would be set in present times and be from the perspective of Wednesday Addams and what the world would look like to her in 2020." Netflix is looking to get the rights to the series, but other networks are interested. The story of The Addams Family was created by American cartoonist Charles Addams in 1938. The original TV show only consisted of 64 episodes and two seasons but has lived on in syndication over the years. The Addams Family featured John Astin who played Gomez Addams and Carolyn Jones who played Gomez's wife, Morticia. The rest of the cast includes Jackie Coogan (Uncle Fester) Ted Cassidy (Lurch), Lisa Loring (Wednesday Addams) and Ken Weatherwax (Pugsley Addams).

"There has been so much exposure of those 64 episodes that when the news about a musical was first announced, half the people who stopped me in the street thought I was involved," Astin said to the Baltimore Sun back in 2012. "No matter how many other versions there have been, I still get recognized. I don't look like I did then, but they still recognize my voice or the strange look on my face."

Because of the popularity of The Addams Family, there have been a number of adaptations over the years, including four features films with a fifth on the way. The first Addams Family film was released in 1991 and featured Raul Julia playing Gomez Addams, Anjelica Huston playing Morticia and Christopher Lloyd playing Uncle Fester. The first film was a commercial success as it earned $191 million worldwide.

The most previous Addams Family film was released in 2019 and it was computer-animated. Oscar Isaac voiced Gomez while Charlize Theron voiced Morticia. Bette Midler, Snoop Dogg, and Chloe Gace Moretz were also featured in the movie.

"When you think of [the Addams] being around since the sixties, that's pretty powerful — that they've always had their same values," Theron said to Variety last year. "But, this moment and time, there needs to be so much more encouragement. We need to question the norm a little bit more and we need to find kindness and understanding for others that might not look like us or might not talk like us or might not sound like us."