'Trilogy of Terror': What to Know About the Next 'Svengoolie' Movie

'Trilogy of Terror' is often considered one of the most terrifying made-for-TV movies ever made.

Television horror host Svengoolie has announced that he'll be showing the cult-classic Trilogy of Terror on the next episode of his MeTV show, and some viewers might be wondering about the lesser-known film.

Originally airing on TV as an ABC Movie of the Week on March 4, 1975, Trilogy of Terror is often considered to be one of the scariest — if not THE scariest — made-for-TV horror movies of all time. It's an anthology film that features three stores, with actress Karen Black playing the lead characters in each segment, all of which are based on unrelated short stories by Richard Matheson.

Per a synopsis of the film: "The first [segment] follows a college professor who seeks excitement with her students; the second is about twin sisters who have a bizarre relationship. These two segments were adapted by William F. Nolan. The third, adapted by Matheson himself, focuses on a woman terrorized by a Zuni fetish doll in her apartment."

Trilogy of Terror was directed by Dan Curtis from screenplays by Nolan and Matheson. Additional cast members include Robert Burton, Jim Storm, Gregory Harrison, Kathryn Reynolds, Orin Cannon, John Karlen, George Gaynes, Tracy Curtis, and Walker Edmiston (uncredited) as the voice of the Zuni doll.

Tune in to MeTV Saturday night at 8 pm ET / 7 pm CT to check out this beautifully bizarre cult classic!