'Superman and Lois' Star Emmanuelle Chriqui Talks Lana Lang's 'Hell of a Journey' in Season 2 (Exclusive)

Superman and Lois star Emmanuelle Chriqui, who plays Lana Lang in the comic book series, recently opened up about the "hell of a journey" her character has gone on in Season 2. Speaking exclusively to PopCulture.com, Chriqui dished on the new season, in which "Lana is up for mayor." This is a "huge" moment for the character, the actress stated.

"There's so much that goes on" with the new Superman series, Chriqui explained. "Now officially the Bizarro world has been introduced and it just gets crazy in best way. In the best way. Half the time I'm calling Todd (Helbing), the creator, I'm like, 'Wait, what? Really?'" Chriqui continued, "Lana's journey this season is particularly heartfelt and it's really deep and she goes on one hell of a journey. And that's all I can say without giving it away. But just a lot, the next two episodes you'll understand. You'll be like, "Oh, that's what she was talking about."

In addition to her big role on Superman and Lois, Chriqui also stars in a new sci-fi movie titled Cosmic Dawn. The film is a twisty tale about a woman named Aurora — played by Camille Rowe (Apple TV+'s Invasion) — who, as a child, witnessed her mother's alien abduction. Now an adult, Aurora is struggling with the direction her life is headed, which, incidentally, leads her right to Natalie, a book store clerk played by Chriqui. Natalie brings Aurora into a cult, led by the enigmatic Elyse (Antonia Zegers) who attempts to bring her new perspective on the future. However, Aurora eventually learns that the group may be hiding things for more sinister under its brightly painted aura.

Speaking about taking on the role, Chriqui said, "I think that was part of the intrigue for me in playing Natalie because I think initially when you first see it, you're like, 'Okay, whatever, Natalie at the bookshop, doing her thing, sweet and cute, luring in Aurora, blah, blah, blah, blah.' But you come to see that that's all part of an act and that when Aurora does agree to come up for the weekend, all bets are off. And we really see what Natalie's intentions were and that she has sort of special abilities, so to speak, special skills. And she is in deep." 

Cosmic Dawn is now available to rent or buy on various streaming platforms, such as Apple TV and Amazon. Superman and Lois returns with a new episode on Feb. 22.