Watch 'This Is Us' Star Make Hilarious Debut in 'Funny or Die' Skit

Funny or Die brought Sterling K. Brown from This Is Us in for a public service announcement turned comedy skit last week.

The video, which came out on Sunday, March 11, is called "Sterling K. Brown Has Given Hundreds of Great Performances (This Isn't One of Them.)" It features the actor going "off-script" in a comedic yet real PSA for an organization called Communities in Schools. The actor is preoccupied with his lifestyle as a rich and famous Emmy winner, and has trouble relating to the struggles of every day kids.

Sterling K. Brown Has Given Hundreds of Great Performances (This Isn't One of Them)

from Sterling K Brown

While it is a funny skit overall, it also serves a real PSA for Communities in Schools. The other spokespeople in the ad appear to be real staff members of the organization. Funny or Die lists the charity as a partner under the video, indicating that the two companies will do more together in the future.

While Brown's endorsement on screen may be distracted and unhelpful, it was an earnest plug. The actor appears all over the charity's website as part of their call for donations.


Brown has been riding high this year since This Is Us skyrocketed to phenomenal status. In addition to starring in the highly lauded show, Brown had a high-profile role in last month's blockbuster hit Black Panther. He is also well-known for his starring role in FX's The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, where he played controversial prosecutor Christopher Darden.

Brown also hosted Saturday Night Live in one of the most acclaimed episodes of the season. He joked about the emotionally potent nature of his work and the effect that his glassy-eyed monologues have on audiences. Brown seems to be the This Is Us star who has the most versatility outside of the show. He's rising to celebrity status in his own right, separately from the fame of the drama.