ABC Not Airing 'Speechless' on Wednesday Night, No New Episodes Until Feb. 28

Speechless will not air on Wednesday night, and it will not air new episodes until Feb. 28, according to ABC's schedule and the show's cast.

The ABC comedy, which centers around a family with a son and with cerebral palsy, will be replaced on Wednesday night with a new episode of American Housewife. However, the show will be back on Jan. 31 with a rerun of the episode "J-J'S D-R-- DREAM" from earlier in season 2.

Speechless actor Mason Cook, who plays Ray DiMeo on the show, took to Twitter to confirm the news to fans, as well as to let them know that they will have settle for reruns until late February.

The rumours (British spelling to honour my TV mum Minnie Driver) are true.... no new Speechless tonight," Cook wrote. "I know you're feeling lost and incomplete, but I promise it gets easier. See you Feb. 28. (Damn, that's a long ways away!!)"

Co-star Cedric Yarbrough, who plays JJ DiMeo's (Micah Fowler) aide Kenneth Clements, also broke the news on his Twitter. His let fans know he would "sulk" because of the break.

Fans replied to Cook and Yarbrough to express their disappointment. The show's official Twitter account also made note of the break on Twitter, and fans headed their to sound off on the off-week, as well.

"What the hell?" one fan wrote. "The end of February until new episodes of Speechless? ABC has a lot of explaining to do!"

Another added, "That's way too long to wait."


When there are no schedule shifts, Speechless airs Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo Credit: ABC / Richard Cartwright