'SNL' Surprisingly Defends Melania Trump's White House Christmas Decorations During 'Weekend Update'

Saturday Night Live usually doesn't give the Trump family mercy, but they showed a rare bit of restraint when discussing Melania Trump's Christmas decorations.

The FLOTUS has faced a bit of backlash due to her choice of holiday decor in the White House. Mainly, critics have blasted her display of red Christmas trees throughout the residence.

SNL's head writer Colin Jost acknowledged the backlash during Weekend Update, but he only took a small jab before defending Trump.

"First Lady Melania Trump was mocked on social media for her White House Christmas display, which this year features 40 red trees. And, sure, those trees look like jagged teeth in the blazing hot mouth of Satan, himself, but c'mon guys," Jost said. "Melania, she needs this. Her only other thing is a campaign against bullying that has been used exclusively to bully her."

Jost instead turned the criticism back on the viewers, mainly the critics of the decorations who probably do not have the best sense of taste themselves.

"And it's not like most Christmas decorations are super tasteful anyway," Jost said. "Have you seen what people put on their lawns? Maybe you think the White House should be full of giant, inflatable Minions, or how about this lovely Santa in an outhouse? That's real, and it costs 150-damn-dollars."

He also took a shot at those who thought an alternate timeline with Hillary Clinton in the White House would have featured better Christmas decor. As Jost points out, Bill Clinton would have been responsible for the display, which could have had disastrous results.

"Also, do you think the Christmas would have been better if Hillary had won? I mean, Bill would have been doing the decorating, so that hallway would have just been 100 percent leg lamps," Jost said, referencing the classic holiday movie A Christmas Story.

While the Weekend Update anchors were kind to the First Lady, President Donald Trump did not fare so well. They spent several minutes mocking the latest Trump administration scandal.


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Photo Credit: NBC