'SNL': Seth Rogen Reacts to Adam Sandler Making Fun of Him During Opera Man Skit

Adam Sandler reprised his classic SNL character Opera Man this week, and Seth Rogen was "honored" to have the musical correspondent make fun of him.

Sandler took the Saturday Night Live stage this weekend for the first time since he was on the show himself. After 24 years away he hadn't missed a beat, jumping into sketches new and old like a pro.

On Weekend Update, he sang a prolonged summary of world news as Opera Man, including a joke about Rogen's new movie Long Shot. Afterward, Rogen shared his excitement about the mention on Twitter.

(Photo: Twitter @SethRogen)

"Opera Man making a joke about me is maybe the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me," he wrote. "Holy s— what an insane honor."

Long Shot is a romantic comedy starring Rogen and Charlize Theron. In it, Rogen plays a journalist following the presidential campaign of Theron, who is running for president. It has been mocked and even criticized for portraying a beautiful, powerful woman stooping to the antics of a goofball guy. As Opera Man, Sandler joked that the concept was not very original.

"Pretty lady, goofy man-ah / Opera Man no understand-ah," he sang. "Silly face but still he score-ah / Where have I seen this before-ah?! Come on, man! Let's go man!"

As he finished his song, the image next to him showed the cover of several Adam Sandler movies, such as 50 First Dates and other rom-coms where he dated beautiful actresses.

Fans shared Rogen's excitement about the shout-out, replying with congratulations, memes and even calls for him to collaborate with Sandler on his next movie. Some also praised him for not getting upset about the bit.

"Now this, ladies and gentlemen is how you take a joke," one person tweeted. "You're a class act, Seth."

Rogen was born in 1982. Sandler was on Saturday Night Live from 1991 to 1995, which were likely formative years for Rogen's own comedic sensibilities. Sandler began as a writer on the show before getting on screen as a featured player and then the as a member of the cast itself.


Sandler's tenure was full of flamboyant and memorable characters, with Opera Man being a fan favorite. He revisited some of those classics on Saturday, with many nods to the fact that he has gone a long way since he left the show. He even addressed the awkward fact that he was technically fired in his opening monologue.

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