'SNL': Property Brothers and Tony Hawk Make Unexpected Cameos

The first new Saturday Night Live episode of 2023 was packed with several surprising celebrity cameos. Some were expected, like former cast member Amy Poehler stopping by to support her former Parks and Recreation co-star Aubrey Plaza. The rest were surprising, especially the cameos from Property Brothers stars Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott, alongside pro skateboarder Tony Hawk.

The "Miss Universe" sketch was a parody of a viral video from the Miss Universe 2022 pageant, held on Jan. 14 in New Orleans. As the contestants were introduced, they all yelled the name of the country they represented at the top of their lungs. When it came to France, contestant Floriane Bascou screamed her country's name in a bizarre way that kept the Internet buzzing for days. Plaza played Bascou in the sketch, answering every one of the host's (Kenan Thompson) questions with a roar.

Towards the end, the host introduced the judges, who were "inexplicably" the Scott brothers and Hawk. When they voted for the winners, both Scotts voted for France. Then Hawk yelled his own name, just as Plaza had done. Next, the host asked why they took this job. "Bad with money," Drew said. "I'm his twin," Jonathan's sign read. Hawk then screeched, "France." In the end, Miss France won the pageant.

In reality, Miss U.S. R'Bonney Gabriel won Miss Universe 2022. The hosts were Jeannie Mai and Olivia Culpo. It was the first pageant not to air on any major U.S. television network and was only available to stream on The Roku Channel. The Miss Universe 2023 pageant will be held in El Salvador later this year.

The Jan. 21 SNL episode was hosted by Plaza, with Sam Smith as the musical guest. President Joe Biden made a pre-recorded appearance during the monologue since he and Plaza represent Delaware. Poehler also appeared in Plaza's monologue and the two played their Parks and Recreation characters during "Weekend Update." M3GAN star Allison Williams guest starred in the pre-recorded parody of her movie. Kim Petras joined Smith for their first song, "Unholy," while Sharon Stone joined Smith for "Gloria." Stone also appeared in the "Film Noir" sketch.

The following new episode airs on Jan. 28 at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC and streams live on Peacock. Creed III star Michael B. Jordan will host for the first time. Rapper Lil Baby will perform as the primary musical guest for the first time, although he previously joined DJ Khaled during the May 18, 2019, episode.