'SNL': Jason Momoa Causes Chance the Rapper to Break Character in Sidesplitting Cameo

Aquaman star Jason Momoa made a surprise appearance during this weekend's Saturday Night Live, causing host Chance the Rapper to completely break down during a fast-paced sketch. Momoa is already an SNL veteran, having hosted an episode of the show himself last year. This time, he played a hilarious part in a courtroom sketch.

In the skit, Chance played a TV judge who decides cases in 10 seconds. After going through progressively more preposterous cases, Kate McKinnon walked in as an old woman suing her live-in nurse, played by Momoa, for stealing from her.

"Now listen, your hombre, I see the way you're looking at me right now," Momoa said in a perfect tone to have the audience swooning. "And I know what you're thinking."

"That you bang old ladies and then steal their money?" Chance said as he struggled to hold back laughter.

"That may be so, but I'm not just some gigolo. I'm also a certified paralegal," Momoa struggled to say. "So I understand the law."

McKinnon then called Momoa a thief, but he accused her of stealing first.

"What did she steal?" Chance asked.

"My heart," Momoa quickly said.

"You know what, you gave me the biggest and best 'Oh's of my life, but I still want my money and my chandelier earrings! They've been in my family for generations," McKinnon said.

"Sir, do you have this woman's earrings too?" Chance asked.

Momoa admitted he did, ripped open his shirt and revealed they were dangling from his nipples. Chance then struggled to say "guilty" as he covered his mouth to hide his laughter.

Fans at home were also laughing hysterically after Momoa's appearance.

"I enjoy Jason Momoa's Leslie Jones energy, where he's not great at live sketch comedy (I certainly didn't expect him to join the #SNL random cameo club), but his enthusiasm for it wins me over," one person wrote.

"Every episode of SNL should have a Jason Momoa cameo. Every single one," another fan added.

Momoa previously appeared on SNL on Dec. 8, with Mumford & Sons performing. The actor will next be seen in Dune on Dec. 18, 2020. He is now working on the Apple+ TV series See, a Sci-Fi series co-starring Alfre Woodard.


New episodes of SNL air Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. ET.

Photo credit: Getty Images