'SNL': Alex Rodriguez Makes Surprise Appearance, 'Breaks up' With Jennifer Lopez During 'Chad' Skit

One day before Jennifer Lopez hosted SNL, fiance and former MLB star Alex Rodriguez teased that he would potentially be making a cameo during a skit. A-Rod wasn't joking as he did, in fact, show up for a brief moment. Although the SNL audience did not expect him to break up with Lopez due to her "alleged infidelity."

During the skit in question, Lopez portrayed herself and was shown dancing with a character played by SNL regular Pete Davidson. The pair danced for a few moments and were on the verge of a kiss but were interrupted by Rodriguez's entrance. The retired MLB star was angered by the sight of Lopez and "Chad" in an intimate moment.

"I hope you're happy," Rodriguez said as he threw a bouquet of flowers on the ground in disgust. He stormed out as Lopez struggled with her previous decisions. Ultimately, she ran after her fiance.

The couple may have been playing themselves during the skit, but this was not an accurate portrayal of their life. Rodriguez was well aware that his future wife would be on the verge of a kiss with Davidson, especially after he revealed that he had been on hand for the rehearsals. Rodriguez even said that he was "coaching up" Lopez and teaching her some solid dad jokes.

As the host for the third time, it was expected that Lopez would be upping the ante to make this a truly memorable appearance. She started quickly after revealing that he still had the green Versace dress that had first appeared at the Grammys back in 2000. This was only one of the big moments for the actress/singer, and she also elicited laughter when discussing her upcoming nuptials.

"I got what every girl from the Bronx dreams of: proposed to by a Yankee," Lopez said during her monologue.

Beyond breaking out the iconic dress and having a fake relationship collapse with Rodriguez, this was a very busy night for Lopez. She was prominently featured in skits and even turned some heads with her fake home renovation show appearance.


Based on this success, it's possible that Lopez could be making a fourth hosting appearance in the future. Although at this point, she can now turn her attention to a possible Oscar nomination for Hustlers.

Photo Credit: Rosalind O'Connor/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty