Shark Week 2019 Releases Thrilling New Trailer Ahead of Premiere

Shark Week 2019 is now less than a week away, and Discovery has just released a thrilling new [...]

Shark Week 2019 is now less than a week away, and Discovery has just released a thrilling new trailer ahead of its premiere. The new clip gives fans a look at some of the content they can expect during the annual TV event, such as Shark Trip: Eat Prey Chum and the network premiere of shark horror movie Capsized: Blood in the Water. As usual, the network will also be featuring tons of shark shows that will explore facts about the nature these fascinating predators.

Fans of Shark Week have been sounding off on Twitter about how excited they are for the event to come back.

"I cannot wait for Shark Week," one person while replying to the new trailer post.

"If you know me you know that [Shark Week] is my life... now I hear that [Forrest Galante] is joining the party with a special episode of [Extinct Or Alive]!!! Someone pinch me," another person exclaimed.

"I'll keep saying it till it happens. Can we please at some point get a shark month? (maybe in 5 years in 2025 for the 50th anniversary of Jaws? Or sooner than that)," someone else asked.

"I was thinking about shark week and now is coming back next week Whoo hoo. I can't wait to go cage diving in Hawaii!" one other Twitter user tweeted.

"Shark week inspired me as a child! I love sharks! The power, the miss understanding, the beauty. I don't see it as fear, I see it as respect. If I didn't get seasick I would have loved to work with such amazing creatures," a fifth fan added.

In a recent detailed description of Shark Week 2019, the network explained, "Shows will be aired from Sunday, July 28 through Sunday, August 4."

"Shark Week 2019's fintastic lineup will deliver over 20 hours of all-new groundbreaking shark stories, revealing remarkable insights into the mysterious world of these magnificent creatures," the network concluded.