'SEAL Team': Judd Lormand Previews More Action and Personal Stories in Season 2

SEAL Team star Judd Lormand teased more action and a deeper dive into the personal lives of the men who risk their lives for their country in the new season during an exclusive interview.

The hit CBS series stars David Borneaz as Master Chief Special Warfare Operator Jason Hayes, the leader of a SEAL team, while Lormand stars as Lt. Commander Eric Blackburn, the team's commanding officer. At the end of this season's second episode, Jason was given some devastating news: his estranged wife Alana (Michaela McManus) died in a car crash.

Lormand said there is "no doubt" that Alana's death will have a major impact on Jason's life. Although they were no longer a couple, the two were still living together while Jason searched for a new place. They also have a teenage daughter, Emma (Kerri Medders).

"It's sad to watch, but I like the story that," Lormand told PopCulture.com. "I think people will appreciate... the story that's gonna come from it because these guys in real life, these SEALs, they're - I don't want to say good, sadly - they're used to losing their teammates in battle," but now they have to deal with losing someone at home.

"They're accustomed to sucking it up and going on with the mission. Going on with the job, but this is something totally different than losing one of your teammates for these guys," Lormand explained. "You know it's losing someone at home and how that affects every single mission you go on after that. Now you're leaving your kids who are now without their mom."

Lormand said future episodes will also dive into the lives of the other SEAL Team members, including Clay Spencer (Max Thieriot), Ray Perry (Neil Brown Jr.), Sonny Quinn (A.J. Buckley) and Lusa Davis (Toni Trucks).

"What you're going to see over the future episodes is we've got... seven solid characters [so we can] easily tell seven different stories that are real stories that these military men and women have to go through as far as their home lives go," Lormand explained. "As far how their every day life at home is affected by this super hero job that they do."

Audiences are "going to see the [personal] side of Jason Hayes. You're seeing the side of Clay Spenser unfold. We're gonna see the side of Lisa Davis and her struggle to possibly go through and become an officer. You know what Sonny Quinn does at home? We're gonna find that out. How does Ray handle his newborn and leaving on missions? These are real stories that the real guys go through."

SEAL Team is also Lormand's first major television role. Although he was in every episode last season, it was not until this summer that he was finally promoted to a main cast member. And while he is an important part of the team, Blackburn does not often go into the field with the team. Lormand said his character will get a change to grow, just like the other members of the team.

"You'll be pleased throughout the season [with] the growth of the Blackburn character and the growth in all of these characters," Lormand said. "Some have been developed and then those are gonna keep going, but I think we're gonna start seeing more of these guys and their issues at home which provides viewers with the investment, the who these guys are."

SEAL Team is fictional, but the show does make an effort to be realistic, an aspect that has won over real members of the military.

"Probably one of the biggest perks to the job is when someone from the military comes up and tells us, 'Man you guys are doing such a great job with the authenticity,'" Lormand said. "Everyone, top to bottom - from our top producers on down - it's one of the things that we're really striving for is to produce something that's, it's accurate to what these guys do."

New episodes of SEAL Team air on CBS Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.


Photo Credit: CBS