'Schitt's Creek' Star Annie Murphy Has a Theory About Alexis and Ted's Relationship

Schitt's Creek might have ended with — spoiler alert — Alexis (Annie Murphy) and Ted (Dustin [...]

Schitt's Creek might have ended with — spoiler alert — Alexis (Annie Murphy) and Ted (Dustin Milligan) going their separate ways to pursue their respective dream jobs. Still, Murphy is hoping the former couple might one day get back together. "I think that maybe it would be one of those relationships where they let each other go and thought it was final and then maybe drift into each other's worlds down the road," she recently told Us Weekly, adding that she "holds out hope" for the two characters.

Whether fans will ever get to see a reunion is probably unlikely, though Murphy shares that she has been bribing Schitt's Creek co-star and creator Dan Levy to make a movie based on the hit show. "I mean, I've been sending Dan $5 a day in the mail as a bribe. So far, I have not heard back about a movie officially," she joked. "But, oh, my God, I would be just over the moon if that ever came to pass because I miss everyone so much every day. Just to see Moira again, I would pay a lot of money to do that."

She also shared another potential plot for a Schitt's Creek movie, musing, "Did David and Patrick adopt a kid?" Murphy added, "I sure hope Alexis doesn't because I think she is perhaps not quite in that yet, but I don't know. I just want to see everyone on screen again, and I will be a happy camper."

In the six years the cast of the Emmy-winning sitcom worked together, they became extremely close. Murphy shared that she and Levy have "some kind of, like, cosmic connection in the sense that I'm sure that we were an old married couple in a previous life, or, you know, he was my mom or something like that."

"I don't know what it is, but we right out of the gate had this very strong sibling connection. And we just knew how to push each other's buttons," she said. "It was so much fun to play because I don't have a sibling. I'm an only kid. And so, to be able to be a little sister to someone was such a wonderful, wonderful treat for me. We really clicked into the brother-sister thing. It wasn't really an issue of breaking cause we were just on the sibling level, so, so hard. I just, I really miss doing scenes with him."