'Saturday Night Live' Pokes Fun at 'Real Housewives' Intros

The various Real Housewives shows are known for their high drama, vicious feuds and peaks inside the lavish lifestyles of its casts. But one thing each show has in common is its intros, where cast members wear their fancy outfits and pose while a quick one-line plays over the audio.

The cast of Saturday Night Live took notice of these intros and poked fun at them on Saturday's episode with "Real Intros of Reality Hills."

The sketch had the likes of Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Cecily Strong and guest host John Mulaney playing different stereotypes of Real Housewives cast members. The voiceover also explains that the "show" is mostly made up of these intros.

The last three seconds of the "show" is the actual episode, where Jones screams "Is this wine kosher?"

Fans watching along at home got a kick out of the parody.

"The Real Intros of Reality Hills is everything and needs to win all the Emmys," John Basedow wrote.

"Why does "Tam" in this Real Intros of Reality Hills sketch look exactly like Moshe Kasher?!?" @TVforDessert tweeted.

"The Real Intros of Reality Hills might catch on #snl But it'll take a while to catch up with The Californians," @flgazr1 wrote.

"I think Real Intros of Reality Hills is the dirtiest thing SNL has ever broadcast, and that includes the times people said f--," @taterpie wrote.

"The Real Intros of Reality Hills" was better than the current seasons of #RHOA and #RHOBH though," Joan Smith tweeted.


"Ok, 'the real intros of reality hills' was the high point of #MulaneyOnSNL," Emily Chen wrote.

Saturday's episode was hosted by John Mulaney, a former writer on the show. Other than having his name mispronounced at the start of the show, Mulaney's episode was one of the best of the season, with sketches including Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro as Michael Cohen and Robert Mueller, a diner lobster singing a song from Les Miserables, a man convincing his girlfriend to have his devil horns removed and Mulaney dressed as a drag queen getting revenge on a former employer.