'Saturday Night Live': American Households Cold Open Had Fans in Stitches

This week's episode of Saturday Night Live took the time to prepare its viewers for the upcoming holidays with the week's cold open, which was dubbed "American Households."

"It is almost Christmas, and folks in America seem more divided than ever," begins Aidy Bryant, who is dressed as a snowman. "But if we listened into some dinner conversations tonight, I bet we'd find out we have more in common than we realize. And now we can listen, because I hacked into three Nest home cams."

The skit then depicts three different households, the first of which was in San Francisco and featured Kyle Mooney, Bowen Yang, Cecily Strong and Melissa Villaseñor. Strong began by praising the impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump, which her family members echoed.

The second home, located in Charleston and featuring Beck Bennett, Heidi Gardner, Mikey Day and Chloe Fineman, was also discussing the impeachment, though they were less than thrilled about it. In Atlanta, Kenan Thompson, Ego Nwodim and Chris Redd were more focused on whether the third Bad Boys movie is going to be any good. Their conversation continued around topics including The Masked Singer and Michael Jackson and was intercut with footage from the other two homes, whose residents continued to argue about the impeachment and Trump's chanced for re-election before sharing a prayer, all of which referenced the NFL.

Bryant's snowman returned at the end of the sketch to explain the electoral college and the fact that the three families "live in states where their votes don't matter."

"They'll debate the issues all year long, but then it all comes down to 1,000 people in Wisconsin who won't even think about the election until the morning of," she says. "And that's the magic of the electoral college."

To close out the open, Kate McKinnon arrived as Greta Thunberg and delivered a dire warning about melting ice caps and drowning elves. She also told Trump, "step to me and I'll come at you like a plastic straw comes at a turtle" before she and Bryant shouted the famous, "Live from New York, it's Saturday night!"

Fans found the sketch hilarious, with many on YouTube declaring their favorite bits to be Thompson's character's lines including "Can you believe they didn't kill Obama?" "Colin Kaepernick, you move in mysterious ways" and "Dear historically correct black Jesus."


Someone also joked that they had found their next insult with "step to me and I'll come at you like a plastic straw comes at a turtle."

Photo Credit: Saturday Night Live