SAG Awards 2019 Host Megan Mullally Jokingly Shares Condolences to Emma Stone in Monologue

The 25th Screen Actors Guild Awards, hosted by Will & Grace star, Megan Mullally, opened the show with lighthearted jokes and "condolences" to actress, Emma Stone.

In an effort to embrace the milestones that Hollywood has reached in the past year, Mullally celebrated the honors and shared a dire warning for Stone.

"To SAG nominee, the beautiful Emma Stone, who just turned 30… our condolences," Mullally said as the camera turned to Stone laughing, with a somewhat confused expression. "You had a great run, like a really great run, extra-extra good, but we're looking forward to your reverse-mortgage loan commercials, chin up, good."

Viewers of the awards show loved the joke and took to Twitter to share how they felt that joke on a "spiritual level."

Teasing on the controversial topic of how Hollywood no longer hires actresses over the age of 30, Mullally also poked fun at other nominees as well, among the likes of Lady Gaga who she quipped has been "doing my eyeliner for the last 15 years;" Emily Blunt, "who played a mom who wasn't allowed to speak;" and Glenn Close, who "played a wife, so that's new."

After poking fun at her peers, she pointed out how "roles for women continued to break new ground" over the past year and will continue to in 2019.

In an interview with ET before the show, the actress, Mullally shared how she doesn't exactly get pre-show jitters like some of her peers who have hosted ceremonies.

"I don't get super nervous that often unless I feel really unprepared," the 60-year-old explained, "I mean... I haven't written anything yet but there's still time."


Mullally also wanted to steer clear of political jokes for the evening, telling Variety that she wanted it to be more about the celebration of the art.

"It's going to be about actors and celebrating talent," Mullally said. "I don't think it's that kind of night. I'm political, but my stock-in-trade is not politics."