Roseanne Reveals Son's Secret Cameo During Premiere

ABC's debut of the Roseanne revival saw a lot of familiar faces crowding onto the beloved sofa draped with a crochet blanket, but there was one cameo that star Roseanne Barre had to point out to fans.

Following the two-episode premiere of the ABC reboot of the popular sitcom, the 65-year-old television icon took to Twitter, or rather, her son hacked her account and tweeted, to point out the brief cameo that her son, Buck Thomas, made in the episode. As Roseanne and Darlene, portrayed by Sara Gilbert, share a touching moment on the iconic sofa, eagle-eyed viewers could catch a framed glimpse of the icon's son in the background.

"Keep your eyes peeled for this handsome dude on the set," Thomas tweeted, via Barr's account.

During the two-episode premiere, viewers quickly got resolution to Dan's "death," met Roseanne and Dan's grandchildren, including "gender creative" grandson Mark, and found out how the show introduced the two Beckys to each other.

The episodes also tackled family and political issues, with the Conner family dealing with political division. Much like Barr in real life, Roseanne Conner voted for President Donald Trump, and she still supports him more than a year into his term. In interviews leading up to the premiere, Barr said that her goal was to facilitate dialogue and present an honest view of American households, where many people are dealing with conflict within their families over the recent contentious election.

The revival series, which proved to be most popular in middle America, is reportedly already in talks for a second season, which is not surprising, given its major success in ratings.

The premiere episode scored a rating of 5.1 in the 18-49 demographic, the biggest rating for a TV comedy in recent years, and grabbed 18.1 million viewers.


Roseanne airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.