Roseanne Barr Reunites With Her On-Screen Family to Celebrate Her Birthday

Happy Birthday @officialroseannebarr! ❤️ your TV kids

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Roseanne Barr celebrated her 65th birthday on the set of Roseanne, spending the day with the cast of her classic sitcom while they film the upcoming ABC revival.

The official Instagram page for Roseanne posted a series of photos and videos from Barr's Nov. 3 birthday.

"All hail the domestic goddess," reads one caption. She's seen getting birthday cakes presented by Royal Binion and Richie Vetter while she sits on a throne.

All hail the domestic goddess! 👑 #HappyBirthdayRoseanne

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Next, the team posted a video, featuring Sara Gilbert (Darlene), Alicia Goranson (Becky) and Michael Fishman (D.J.) wishing their fictional mother a "Happy Birthday." "Sorry you're working all day today," Gilbert said.

Another video featured the entire crew singing "Happy Birthday To You" on the set, ending with Roseanne thanking everyone.

somebody special is having a birthday today! (hint: it's Roseanne!) @officialroseannebarr

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If you look closely in the second video, you'll spot John Goodman, who played Dan in the original Roseanne. Although his character was revealed to be deceased in the series finale, ABC said he is alive in the revival. The new video also shows how meticulously recreated the original Conner home was for the new episodes.

Oddly enough, Olivia Munn, who will not even be in the show, provided one of the best views of the "new" set this week when she visited. Her friend, comedian Whitney Cummings, has a role in the series.


"This show depicted a real family with real struggles," Munn wrote on Instagram. They didn't sugarcoat things, they weren't precious with each other, the kids weren't coddled and the endings didn't always wrap up in a perfect saccharin bow. I LOVED it."