Ricky Gervais Fires Back at Golden Globes Critics, Makes Vow

Comedian Ricky Gervais has fired back at critics of his 2020 Golden Globes monologue, after reiterating his vow to never host again. Taking to Twitter, Gervais made his point directly, tweeting, "I didn't roast Hollywood for being a bunch of liberals. I myself am a liberal. Nothing wrong with that. I roasted them for wearing their liberalism like a medal. I'm such a snowflake, liberal, I can't even really hate them for it. But my job is to take the piss. I did that." This came after the actor replied to an article calling for him to host the Golden Globes every year by simply saying, "Never gonna happen."

Gervais' jokes during the award show have caused a significant amount of controversy, with many criticizing them for being cruel, and other praising him for being unfiltered with his jokes in a room A-list Hollywood stars and industry executives.

"It's amazing really, Hollywood has no shyness about criticizing others but when they are the target of criticism, they get offended. Mind you, Hollywood applauded Roman Polanski, a pedophile. And that's the tip of the iceberg. And THEY want to talk about ETHICS? Please," one person tweeted.

"Honest question Ricky. I loved your speech and your TV works etc. But you say these guys shouldn't talk about politics or issues yet you yourself do. How are you allowed and they are not. Your not poor either. If they wanted to talk about say animal cruelty would that be ok," another user wondered.

"I think the right wing propagandists licking your boots in this thread are a pretty good clue as to why your performance fell on the right wing side of things," someone else said, replying to one of Gervais' comments.


In one of his last statements on the situation, Gervais said, "I always knew that there were morons in the world that took jokes seriously, but I'm surprised that some journalists do. Surely, understanding stuff is pretty fundamental to their job, isn't it? Just makes it funnier though, I guess."