'Rick and Morty': New Cryptic Teaser Suggests Season 4 Announcement Is Close

Rick and Morty fans have been desperate for new episodes, and a recent cryptic teaser might suggest that we may be close to an announcement on when Season 4 is returning. In a post on Twitter, the show shared a very bizarre 10-second clip, and fans are hoping that it means a premiere date for Episode 6 might be around the corner. "JUST GIVE US EPISODE 6," one fan exclaimed, while another commented, "Everyone pauses everything they're doing in case it's something about the new episode."

"When you take this long to show the rest of a season i dont think its called a "break" anymore. I think its just the beginning of a new season when it comes back. Normally came on in April anyway lol," someone else wrote.

"I figured March or April at latest for the rest of the season but without an announcement, I'm a little concerned. Of course ten episodes a season is not much. That's only 10 out of 52 week's a year. Lots of waiting folks.," one other said.

"So... what ever happened to no more delays? Seems like the fans were lied to. Hype or not the fans want what isn't being delivered," a fifth user commented.

"This things were kind of fun the first time, but waiting for the other half of the season makes this really frustrating to watch. At least release some info about the other half," one last fan tweeted.

Not everyone is upset about the delay in Rick and Morty episodes, however, as some fans have defended the series from the angry commenters.

"All these folks b—ing about the next episodes are killing me. Y'all b—ed till we got the first 5, b—ed about the quality of the first 5, and are b—ing for more? I miss when Rick and Morty wasn't mainstream. The real hardcore since day 1 fans appreciate it," one fan offered.


At this time, Adult Swim has not revealed a date for when Rick and Morty Season 4 will return.