Rachel Maddow Plans MSNBC Hiatus

Rachel Maddow is preparing to take a step back from her nightly show on MSNBC. Variety reported that Maddow is set to go on a hiatus from The Rachel Maddow Show in order to focus on film and podcast projects. It's unclear how long this hiatus will last. 

Maddow will reportedly make the announcement about her hiatus on Monday's episode of her show; her break from the show will reportedly begin on Friday. While there are no details on how long the hiatus will last, Variety reported that she will take a step back from the program for "several weeks." A return date has not yet been reported. 

During her time away from the news program, Maddow will reportedly be working on a few different projects. According to a source that is said to be "familiar with the matter," the TV host will be working on a new podcast with NBCUniversal. Maddow will also reportedly be focusing on a movie based on her book, Bag Man. The film, which will be directed by Ben Stiller, follows the scandal surrounding U.S. Vice President Spiro Agnew. 

Other anchors will be filling in on MSNBC during Maddow's absence. Variety reported that in the past, Ali Velshi has filled in for other anchors on the network. On Fridays, when Maddow is often off, Mehdi Hasan and Ayman Mohyeldin have filled in for her. Even though Maddow is taking a break from her show, rest assured that she will return. After all, she previously signed a deal in August 2021 with MSNBC to ensure that her show would stay on through 2024. Business Insider reported that Maddow signed a $30 million-per-year contract to stay with the network. 

The new contract not only set the stage for more of The Rachel Maddow Show but also paved the way for the host to develop new projects with NBCUniversal, such as the aforementioned podcast. For this new deal, she reportedly worked with Ari Emanuel of the company Endeavor, the parent company of the talent agency WME. At the time, Mark Shapiro, Endeavor's president, said about the contract, "Rachel Maddow is staying home where she belongs with a much broader deal at NBCUniversal and couldn't be happier." Shapiro also said that Maddow would have more scheduling flexibility and creative freedom, which aligns with the recent report about her hiatus plans.