'Psych: The Movie' Will End With a Cliffhanger, Sequel Possible

Don't expect Psych: The Movie, which airs Thursday on USA Network, to be the last time Gus (Dule Hill) and Shawn (James Roday) get together to solve a mystery. The two-hour movie will end on a cliffhanger to be resolved in another potential movie.

According to TV Guide, a surprising guest star shows up in the last two minutes of the episode. His appearance will have fans desperate for another movie.

TV Guide asked Psych creator Steve Franks if the guest star will have a big role in the follow-up movie, if there is one.

"It's set up that he kind of needs to be," Franks told TV Guide. "I hope we haven't shot ourselves in the foot that way."

Franks, who co-wrote the film with actor James Roday, previously told Entertainment Weekly at Comic-Con that he dreams of making five more movies. He hopes to build a franchise that's similar to Fast & Furious with a pivot in tone.

"[In the same] way that the Fast and the Furious movies used to be about street-racing and they've pivoted into heist movies and all that stuff, I kind of want the [Psych] movies to pivot into action-comedy where you can do something that feels like a feature movie and not just two episodes of Psych put together, because as fun as it is to watch this show, it's nothing compared to how fun it is to write this show and to make this movie," he told EW.

USA Network hasn't greenlit a sequel yet, but if there ever is one, it would also feature Timothy Omundson's Detective Cartlon Lassiter. Omundson's role in the first movie isn't big because he suffered a stroke a month into filming. The script had to be re-written and moved from Santa Barbara to San Francisco.


"The idea is that the second one would be the one that we would do to fully have everybody back together in the same room at the same time," Franks told EW.

Psych: The Movie airs on USA at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on Thursday. Zachary Levi is playing the villain, and Charlotte Flair makes her acting debut as another villain.