President Donald Trump Attacks NBC, 'SNL' for Belittlement, Alleged Defamation

It appears President Donald Trump has had enough of Saturday Night Live's countless jokes about him.

The POTUS took to his Twitter account to attack SNL and NBC Sunday morning just hours after the sketch comedy show aired a particularly relentless edition of the show.

"A REAL scandal is the one sided coverage, hour by hour, of networks like NBC [and] Democrat spin machines like Saturday Night Live," Trump wrote. "It is all nothing less than unfair news coverage and Dem commercials. Should be tested in courts, can’t be legal? Only defame [and] belittle! Collusion?"

Trump was the target of two major segments during the latest SNL episode, which was hosted by Matt Damon.

He was imitated during the show's opening skit, with Alec Baldwin once again reprising the role. The segment was a parody of It's a Wonderful Life showing what everyone in Trump's administration would be doing if he had never become POTUS. Just about everyone was depicted as being better off.

He was also the primary subject of the episode's edition of Weekend Update. They took on all of Trump's latest legal woes and said that he was lined up for impeachment.


"This last week was a pretty bad year for Donald Trump," Colin Jost said. "Think about what's currently under investigation for him: Trump's campaign, his transition, his inauguration, his business and his presidency. So everyone, check your cards because you might have impeachment bingo. In fact, Trump has reportedly told people close to him that he's worried he'll get impeached. And by people close to him, I, of course, mean Sean Hannity and Colonel Sanders."

Photo Credit: NBC