'Power Book IV: Force': Joseph Sikora Roars Back to Familiar Territory as Tommy Egan

Joseph Sikora steps back into his iconic role as Tommy Egan leading the new addition to the Power franchise with Book IV: Force, and "it's like riding a 1969 Mustang," he says. 

"It's been an amazing journey with a new cast of characters. And I think that's going to be really fun for all of the power fans out there to have, not only Tommy but all of this new cast in a new situation in a new city. So it really evolves the Power world truly into the power unit."

The latest series further expands the story as Tommy (Sikora) takes the reigns and moves forward by leaving the ghosts of his past in New York for the new ghosts of Chicago. In order for the drug-dealing crime lord to take over this arena, he must relearn the territory. Just like his character, Sikora is also originally from the Windy City but he too had to remaster his hometown in order to portray it in this imagined light. 

"I had to reacquaint myself with the city, which I think was really good because a lot has changed in that time in the city and the streets that I used to love playing as a young boy, a teenager, and young man," he said. "I was relearning the city just as Tommy Egan was learning the city. So, art got to imitate life."

As he breaks onto the Chicago scene, problems arise with many of the established organizations not looking for issues from a newcomer. But fans will have to watch the season to see how Egan makes his way out of this mess. 


"I think what Tommy does best is survive," he tells PopCulture.com. "I think that Tommy will always remain Tommy. Those aspects that we've always known about Tommy's personality and character will always remain there, but he might have to change the dials. The calibrations may have to change a little bit in order for him to survive, which ultimately is what he does best."

He continued, "Tommy's the same, but the streets have changed. So in order to adapt and survive, he's going to have to adapt and survive. And with this new cast of characters, he better keep his head on a swivel because not everybody is who they are." Power Book IV: Force premieres on Feb. 6 on Starz.