Oscars 2020: Kristen Wiig's Dress Compared to Lasagna by Viewer

Kristen Wiig wore a distinctive dress to the Oscars on Sunday night, and to some it looked oddly familiar. The ruffled red gown looked remarkably like a slice of lasagna, one Twitter user pointed out. Once fans saw it, they could not get it out of their heads.

Wig's Oscars 2020 dress was a vibrant red, with a square-like shape and rigid edges. It went from Wiig's throat to her toes in the front, and trailed behind her in the back. From the waist down it was lined with ruffles on the side.

The effect was unique and interesting, but of course Twitter had to have some fun with it. They noted that the shape was a bit like a slice of lasagna, with the ruffles acting like the wide slices of lasagna once baked.

The comparison was apt, as several users made it, but it was not the only joke about Wiig's dress going around. Users put the dress next to photos of deep-sea creatures, album covers and Fruit by the Foot snacks, among other things. TV writer Ira Madison III joked that Wiig looked like she was "about to do a Ruveal," referencing RuPaul's Drag Race.

"This dress.... I don't understand it but I do support it Miss Wiig you're doing amazing," tweeted another fan.

"I think Kristen Wiig really liked the Goop show on Netflix," someone else joked.

Wiig is at the 92nd Academy Awards to present an award. She is not nominated for anything this year, though she has gotten a nod from the Academy before. Back in 2012, she shared a nomination for best writing in an original screenplay with Annie Mumolo for their movie Bridesmaids.

Wiig is also there to promote her upcoming movie Wonder Woman 1984. She posed on the red carpet with Gal Gadot, and fans went wild for the duo after seeing the preliminary teasers and trailers for the super hero epic, which will be out in theaters in June.

Wiig plays Barbara Ann Minerva, a friend of Diana who goes on to become the villain Cheetah in the original DC Comics source material. This weekend, a shot of Wiig after the transformation circulated online, though it has since been removed from all social media platforms.

According to PopCulture.com's sister site Comicbook.com, the photo showed Wiig covered in yellow, orange and brown spotted fur, just like her comic book counterpart. She had cat-like eyes and a predatory expression, hinting that she may not get a happy ending in the movie.


Fans will have to turn out to the theaters on June 5 to see for themselves. In the meantime, the Oscars are live on ABC, and Wiig will be presenting later in the night.