Olivia Munn Raises an Ironic 'Toast to the Good Guys' of Hollywood at Critics' Choice Awards

After an opening rap number that some fans called "cringe-worthy," Olivia Munn used her platform as host of the Critics' Choice Awards on Thursday to call out sexual misconduct in Hollywood.

But unlike the attendees of the Golden Globes, who did it through speeches, black dresses and pins, she took a more humorous approach. Wearing matching dresses, Munn and Niecy Nash (of Reno 911! fame) raised glasses of champagne for a "Toast to the Good Guys" of Hollywood.

The two thanked men of Hollywood who weren't sexual deviants who made lewd comments or asked for inappropriate sexual acts on the set of films, television shows and talent agencies. But the toast was clearly ironic, calling out all of the actors, producers and screen writers who have been called out for sexual harassment and assault over the past few months as part of the "#MeToo" Movement.

The two also didn't pull punches against Mark Wahlberg, who was revealed this week to earn $1.5 million for re-shoots on All the Money in the World while his female co-star Michelle Williams earned a mere $80 per day.


Twitter users got a good laugh and applauded the two for their creative message.