New 'The Walking Dead' Season 9 Premiere Clip Reveals Character's Death

A new teaser for The Walking Dead season nine premiere episode, “A New Beginning,” was [...]

A new teaser for The Walking Dead season nine premiere episode, "A New Beginning," was released by AMC and promises a character death in the opener.

In the clip above, released by the network on Monday, Rick Grimes, now known as "the man that ended the war" against Negan, is led into the Sanctuary among whispers of "it's Rick Grimes" and questions of whether or not "Negan is suffering." However, while Negan is locked away in a cell in Alexandria, troubles still abound for the group of survivors.

Along with Saviors throwing Eugene "some serious stink eye" and there being a list of items that need Daryl's "immediate attention," the world around them still presents a serious danger to their survival, as Daryl Dixon himself reveals.

"It's bad timing. We just lost someone out there," Daryl says.

While it is not revealed which character bites the dust, the clip assures the safety of Eugene, Michonne, Ezekiel, Jerry, Carol, Daryl, and Rick, and despite that Maggie Greene will soon be making her exit, it does not seem likely that the death will be hers or any other major player.

Whichever character meets an untimely end, it seems to occur while outside of the walls of the Sanctuary, once again proving that walkers are a major threat this season as the world continues to deteriorate and nature begins to reclaim it.

Perhaps the biggest threat, though, will be the discord among the few remaining survivors, now several years into the apocalypse. As the clip reveals, "All Out War" may be over, but not everyone agrees with how it ended. Written on the Sanctuary walls are messages reading "Saviors Save Us. We are still Negan," and according to Daryl, it is something that has begun happening "more and more" as resources dwindle and crops begin to die.

As previous clips have teased, restoring order within a world that has been without laws for years will not be easy, and groups and leaders will clash, including Maggie Greene and Rick Grimes, as they struggle handle multiple communities living harmoniously with one another.

"We spent a lot of time tearing the world apart, the loss of institutions and civil norms," executive producer Dave Alpert has teased. "We're starting to see society come back now; it's not a smooth process. Seeing that come back is most exciting this season."

The Walking Dead season nine premieres on Sunday, Oct. 7 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.