'New Girl' Finale: Jess and Nick Get Married

The first half of New Girl's series finale ended in the wedding of beloved lead characters Jess [...]

The first half of New Girl's series finale ended in the wedding of beloved lead characters Jess Day (Zooey Deschanel) and Nick Miller (Jake Johnson).

The entire first half, entitled "The Curse of the Pirate Bride," flashes forward to Jess and Nick's wedding day.

It's poised to be a huge bash with numerous figures from the couple's present and past in attendance. However, things seem doomed from the start.

The couple thinks they cursed the marriage by having sex the night before their wedding.

Signs point to that being true after Jess receives a rough eye injury and accidentally gets too high off her mother's (Jamie Lee Curtis) weed. Nick finds out he lost his job. The couple then find out they will soon be evicted from their beloved loft.

Finally, not long before the special ceremony is about to occur, Winston Bishop's (Lamorne Morris) wife Aly (Nasim Pedrad) goes into labor.

The entire friend group rushes to the hospital and wait for the big moment. However, Jess and Nick decide to just do the wedding there and then in the middle of the hospital.

"Are we doing this Jessica Day?" Nick asks his bride-to-be.

Jess replies, "We're doing this, Nick Miller."

The pair are then officially married and prepare to move out of the loft the cast of characters has called home since the series premiere.

John recently opened up to FanFest about how special it was that the series got to wrap things up with a final season ass opposed to an unresolved ending via cancellation.

"A lot of people devoted a lot of time to watching New Girl over the years," Johnson said. "There's a loyal fan base that really stuck with the show throughout all of the seasons. When a fan base is that loyal to a show, I think the people on the show, the network, and the studio owe it to those fans to give them a finish. I feel really thankful that Fox decided to do that because they really didn't have to.

The first six seasons of New Girl are available to watch on Netflix. The seventh season is available to stream on Hulu.

Photo Credit: Fox / Ray Mickshaw