New 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' Teaser Could Be Most Unsettling Yet

A new teaser for FX's upcoming American Horror Story: Apocalypse is inviting fans to "breathe it in."

As an apocalypse quickly approaches FX in the latest installment of American Horror Story, a new teaser is promising an unsettling theme for the upcoming season, which asks fans to do nothing more than "breathe it in."

The short clip, set in what could be an apocalyptic wasteland, gives little away in regards to Apocalypse. Showing a young and beautiful woman breathing in the life of another person, who slowly crumbles before being reduced to a pile of goo, the teaser does, however, provide insight into the overall unnerving theme of season 8.

In the weeks leading up to the Sept. 12 premiere, the popular anthology series has been releasing a series of short teasers, giving fans a glimpse of the new world that they will step into. Although little is known about the upcoming season, the Murder House and Coven crossover will be set a little over a year in the future, around October 2019, and will begin with a "cataclysmic event" that brings about the end of the world.

The apocalyptic scenario that the characters will find themselves in will likely be due to the Anti-Christ, season 1's Michael Langdon, the offspring of Vivien Harmon and Tate Langdon, who was promised to "usher in the end of times."

When fans last saw Michael Langdon, he was only a 3-year-old child who already had a hankering for death, Murder House having ended with a scene of the child Anti-Christ sitting in a rocking chair covered in blood after having just murdered his nanny. That murderous inclination will likely be more apparent in season 8, Michael now a fully grown adult set to be played by Cody Fern.

Joining Fern will be Michael's onscreen guardian, Constance Langdon, portrayed by fan favorite star Jessica Lange. Constance, who took over caring for Michael after his mother died giving birth, will reportedly make her entrance into the series, marking Lange's first appearance on AHS since season 4, in episode six, which is to be directed by Sarah Paulson.


The crossover season will see a number of other past characters returning as well, including the entire Harmon family of Vivien and Ben, as well as their daughter, Violet, portrayed by Taissa Farmiga. Farmiga is also set to reprise her season 3 character Zoe Benson, the young witch who is a member of the Witches' Council and a ward at Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies.

The eighth installment of AHS, titled Apocalypse, premieres Wednesday, Sept. 12 on FX.