Netflix's New Show 'Always A Witch' Stirs up a Racial Controversy

Netflix's new show Always A Witch has stirred up a racial controversy, related to the series' storyline.

In the show — which is reportedly co-produced by Columbian State TV and is titled Siempre Bruja outside of the U.S. — is about a "time-traveling witch from the 17th century" who "escapes death and finds herself in modern day Cartagena."

Many have taken issue with certain plot-points, however, such as one where the main character, a black woman, is in love with the son of a white slave-owner.

"Carmen in the future is like the cutest thing ever and her growth as a witch in present day is really something. It's a really good show and it's sad to see that people aren't giving it a chance. I do have to agree that the slave/owner storyline is played out...," one fan commented.

"I started Siempre Bruja on Netflix. I don't love the narrative of Carmen being in love with the slavemasters' son, but maybe she'll revolt? Watch it in the original Spanish with subtitles if U need them. More viewers = more new shows [with] Afro-Colombian stars & more Black women," someone else tweeted.

"Disappointed, I was going to give it a go, but now forget it. Too often in dramatisations of Colonisation, humanise the colonisers at the expense of those who are oppressed, This is supposed to make the character noble instead of pathetic," another Twitter user said.

"I was excited about Siempre Bruja but simultaneously skeptical. It was very obvious from the trailer that black latinx folks weren't behind it. Plus white/mestizo latinx are some of the last folks i'd ever want to see write a story about slavery OR brujeria," a fourth person stated.


Netflix does not yet appear to have commented on the budding controversy surrounding the new series.