'NCIS': Torres' Fate Revealed After Intense Case

NCIS fans were left shocked by the events of the Jan. 28 episode, which saw Wilmer Valderrama's Nick Torres in the hospital following an incident. While Bishop (Emily Wickersham), Gibbs (Mark Harmon), and McGee (Sean Murray) tried to track down who caused the hit and run accident that led to his hospitalization, fans eagerly awaited to see whether Torres would even be able to pull through or not.

After being involved in the hit and run (in which he valiantly saved Bishop by pushing her aside), Torres was sent to the Intensive Care Unit. Torres' fate didn't look positive, partly due to his ex, who was determined to go after him (hence, the car "accident") so that he wouldn't testify against her in a legal case.

But, ultimately, Torres made it out of the episode alive and helped take down his ex in the process, which is definitely great news for many NCIS fans.

Valderrama originally released a preview for the episode hours before it aired. The clip, along with his caption, which thanked fans for their support, led some to believe that his character wouldn't be making it out of the latest episode alive. Alas, Torres is going to live to see another day.

Valderrama has been a part of NCIS ever since 2016. Shortly after it was announced that he had joined the cast, the actor spoke out about what it meant to be a part of a legendary show.


"The show has been around for so long and I feel like every member of my family has been religiously following this like a prescription so it was exciting to get an opportunity to be part of something they all loved and to put my career in a different direction," Valderrama told New Zealand's Stuff in April 2017. "Starting out on a hit show, it was like coming full circle. It's a cast that I truly respect and a legacy that I thought would be beautiful to be part of. It's also remarkable that it's still (one of) the most-watched shows on the planet so they're obviously doing something great."

"I felt like I was kind of parachuted on to a runaway train," he continued, when asked about what it was like to join an already established show. "This train is going and it's not stopping for anyone because it's successful, and people love it, and that to me was refreshing ... This is about joining a show that is a well-oiled machine and your only job is to not mess that up."