'NCIS' Star Rocky Carroll Speaks out After Ziva's Possible Final Episode

Rocky Carroll is thanking fans for their support following Tuesday night's new episode of NCIS, which saw Cote de Pablo's character Ziva Davis exiting the series for a second, and possibly final, time. Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, Carroll, who portrays Leon Vance on the crime drama and who directed "In the Wind," promised that there's "more to come."

Warning! Spoilers ahead for NCIS Season 17, Episode 11: "In the Wind."

Fans of the series were eager to offer more kind words, many replying with praise for Carroll's time as director.

"Great job directing a fantastic episode!" wrote one fan.

"Keep up the good work!" tweeted another. "Hope you and your family are having a good start to the new year."

"Can't wait to see more of your episodes, Rocky! You always knock it out of the park," added a third.

"I'd like to add my voice to the praise chorus!" commented another person. "Last night's was the best episode of NCIS in years!"

Many fans also reacted to the storyline of the episode.

"[NCIS] was amazing last night!" wrote one. "Hopefully one day we can see a story line with Ziva, Tony and Talia. Hey the door was opened to that with McGee going for a visit soon!"

"You were really great in last nights episode. There were some great scenes in it," noted another. "But alot of the fans felt cheated, let down and Disrespected with The Ziva and Tony part of the story. But that wasn't your fault. You aren't in charge of that stuff. You still did amazing job."


During Tuesday's episode, which marked the midseason premiere, the team frantically team searched for a young boy on the run, with Gibbs taking the search seriously and Ziva sympathiszing with him and joining in. Throughout the course of the episode, Ziva confronted her own PTSD from years of hiding, afraid that she would never be able to outrun it and that it would continue to impact her relationships, particularly with her former partner, Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and their daughter, Tali. After finding the missing boy, Ziva gave her final farewell, presumably to reunite with Tony and Tali.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m ET on CBS.