'NCIS: Los Angeles': Barrett Foa's Temporary Exit Will Bring 'Dark Turn' for Eric

NCIS: Los Angeles will be losing one of its own for a little while this season, and the person will bring some drama upon their return. The CBS crime procedural shocked fans over the summer after revealing actor Barrett Foa, who plays Eric Beale, will be exiting the series for a short leave of absence.

The actor will miss five episodes of the season to pursue another professional opportunity, and turns out so will Eric.

In a recent report from TVLine, showrunner R. Scott Gemmill teased the technical operator and intelligence analyst will be getting an "unbelievable job offer" that will lead to his temporary departure from the series.

Gemmill also told the outlet that things won't be as seamless in the new job. He teased the actor's return will bring "a much bigger story where the work he was involved in takes a dark turn."

Before saying goodbye to the actor, the show has to deal with the massive cliffhanger from last season, which left missiles launched at Israel and Saudi Arabia by ISIS from Iran.

"The problem isn't just stopping the damage from the initial launch," Gemini said, "but how do you convince everybody else that this wasn't what it looks like, before the whole thing erupts into a huge Middle Eastern catastrophe?"

With the team stuck in different heart-pounding situations, it'll be up to JAG's beloved Mac to intervene as the Marine liaison to the State Department, the outlet writes.

Gemmill also teased that after containing the catastrophe, Sam will "meet someone that will maybe help him move forward in a new direction," while Kensi and Deeks will deal with an "incident" that "has the potential to change both their lives."

Gemmill's comments come a few weeks after the show announced Foa's temporary exit, which will be explained after Hetty (Linda Hunt) entrusts Eric with a "clandestine case" to work at another company, with specific details not being revealed until his return later in the season.

Foa spoke out about the news of his leave of absence on Instagram shortly after news broke, writing: "Missing my NCIS: Los Angeles family so much right now as they dive into what is sure to be an incredible and unforgettable Season 11. Meanwhile, I'll be flexing some different muscles by diving into this complex and beautiful Pulitzer Prize-winning play."


He added, "Missing you, Renée, Dani, Eric, Chris, Todd, and Linda. Don't worry, I'll be back in Oct!"

NCIS: Los Angeles will return Sunday, Sept. 29 on CBS.