'NCIS' Fans Continue to Chatter on Twitter About Viral Ziva, Gibbs Theory

Social media is buzzing after a theory arose in the NCIS fandom that Cote de Pablo’s former agent Ziva David is set to replace Mark Harmon’s Agent Gibbs as the team’s lead in the upcoming 17th season. According to the theory, which has since gone viral and poured over onto multiple social media platforms, the replacement is “the only way this show can continue,” and it has many people on social media chiming in.

“Here is something to ponder, when Ziva returned for the season 16 finale and she warned Gibbs of impending doom, aimed towards him,” one person wrote on Twitter. Maybe Ziva will assume the NCIS lead. Allowing Gibbs to go on a search and destroy mission of whom it might be.”

“Hmmm. Ziva to take Gibbs place?” another asked.

Not everyone is a fan of theory, though, and some are downright against it altogether, threatening to quit the show should the theory play out.

“Ziva is not the right choice to take over for Gibbs. McGee is,” one person suggested, referring to Sean Murray’s Timothy "Tim" Farragut McGee. “If it's Ziva, I will not bother watching.”

“I like the cast as it is,” a second commented. “Ziva can visit but not live there. Making. Gibbs director might work but it may have the same result as NCIS NO.”

“Heard what I hope is a stupid rumor; that ‘Ziva’ will be replacing ‘Gibbs,’” another began. “The only way I will continue to watch [NCIS] if Gibbs is promoted to Director. I've stuck with you through ‘Kate’s’ murder. ‘Tony’ leaving, ‘Abby’s’ leaving & ‘Ducky’s’ reduced role. Enough.”

Another fan cast doubt on the theory, claiming that fans will “be lucky to have [Cote de Pablo] back for a handful of episodes” and that “Ziva also wouldn't take on that role. Letting go of the badge was her main reason for leaving.”


The theory was first prompted after Pablo made a surprise return in the Season 16 finale, warning Gibbs that his life was in danger. After it was announced that the actress, who starred on the series from 2005 until 2013, was again set to appear in the Season 17 premiere, a Reddit user penned the theory that has since gained plenty of traction.

Ultimately, however, the theory is nothing more than that, and nobody connected to the series has yet commented on it. Fans will have to wait to see if it holds any truth until the Season 17 premiere of NCIS on Tuesday, Sept. 24 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.