'NCIS' Alum Pauley Perrette's 'Broke' Trailer Released

The trailer for Pauley Perrette's highly-anticipated new show Broke is here, and bringing more laughter to CBS.

The first look trailer at the new comedy series introduces viewers to Jackie (Perrette), a suburban single mother trying to give her son Sammy (Antonio Corbo) the best life, when the arrival of her estranged sister and her formerly rich husband turns her world upside down.

"It's your Aunt Lizzie (Natasha Leggero) and Uncle Javier (Jaime Camil)," Jackie tells her son after she opens the door. The promo introduces Luis (Izzy Diaz), Javier's loyal assistant driver and "most importantly" friend.

When Elizabeth asks Sammy how he has gotten so tall since the last time she saw him, Jackie brings up the fact the family hasn't been together in five years.

"I was wondering if we could stay with you for a couple of days," Elizabeth tells her sister. "Do you mind if I lay down in your guest quarters?"

"This is not exactly the Four Seasons... if you see something on your pillow, kill it," Jackie responds.

Later, when Elizabeth enjoys a martini as Jackie works behind a bar, she admits she wishes they could spend more time together, when she breaks the news of their misfortune.

"I'd tell you but you'd hate me," she says, and after Jackie presses her on. "Javier and I are broke and we have to move in with you."

"What? Jackie says before a huge leak starts spraying all over the bar.

The promo then teases some of the trouble the family will be finding themselves in after the big move, such as Javier speaking with Sammy's teachers without telling Jackie.

"I am the mom, I do the meetings," she confronts him. "You guys are unbelievable."

"I think you're unbelievable too. To hold down two jobs while also raising a great kid like Sammy by yourself, incredible."

"Stop being charming when I'm angry!" Jackie says.

With lots of laughter and emotional glimpses, the show will see the sisters relationship evolve as they become closer to each other. Jackie will also be bonding with Luis and Elizabeth's little dog.


Broke marks Perrette's return to CBS a year since leaving her long stint on popular crime procedural, NCIS. The new series comes from Will & Grace writer Alex Herschlag and is executive produced by Jane the Virgin creator Jennie Snyder Urman and Camil.

Broke is expected to premiere sometime midseason on CBS.