NBC Releases First Look at 'The Kelly Clarkson Show'

Fans looking forward to Kelly Clarkson's debut as a talk show host can now watch the first trailer for The Kelly Clarkson Show, released Wednesday by NBC.

[Update: NBC has removed the trailer from their channels.]

In the trailer, Clarkson says, "When they said I was going to get my own show — I love talking, it's no secret. If it is, you've never seen me, ever, anywhere."

The mom-of-four said her show will focus on subjects like motherhood and bring on "all kinds of guests" from different walks of life. Shots from the previously-filmed pilot show guests like Chloe Grace Moretz, Josh Groban, Chrissy Metz and Terry Crews. The Voice coach said being a talk show host is "about me getting to connect with people face-to-face."

The trailer also revealed that she'll be using her show to spotlight good news and charitable organizations.

"One of the reasons why I was so excited to get this show, y'all, is that I'd get the opportunity to shine a light on some organizations, some people that get overlooked all the time," she said to her audience in one clip.

"Clarkson is bringing her enthusiastic, funny and unfiltered voice to daytime TV. In her new talk show, Clarkson uses her gift of connection to unite people, from all walks of life, into a funny and very real 'weekday hang,'" a press release from NBC describes the show. "Coupled with heart-warming stories, live musical performances, games and big surprises, The Kelly Clarkson Show seeks to uplift the daytime viewer and make the world a little bit smaller by reminding everyone of all the good things we have in common."

"What viewers can expect from The Kelly Clarkson Show is basically me being authentically me," Clarkson said. "I love people, I love connecting with them, I love talking — that's my favorite part of life."

"We're gonna have some fun on here," the American Idol winner tells the audience at one point. "Usually I'm singing, or I'm doing webisodes, or, you know, I'm drinking wine."

Clarkson filmed a pilot episode at NBC Universal Studios in Los Angeles in August. In September, it was announced that The Kelly Clarkson Show would premiere in fall 2019 on NBC. This week, the network announced that the nationally syndicated daytime program has been sold in more than 80 percent of its fall 2019 debut.


When it debuts, The Kelly Clarkson Show will reportedly serve as the lead-in to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which is renewed through 2020.