'Nathan For You' to End at Comedy Central

Comedy Central's parody reality series Nathan For You has been officially canceled, nearly a year [...]

Comedy Central's parody reality series Nathan For You has been officially canceled, nearly a year after its final episode aired.

Nathan For You follows comedian Nathan Fielder as he consults with business owners, offering creative ways that they can keep their companies afloat. The show ran for four seasons and gained a dedicated cult following, circulated widely in clips online and inspired a number of now-classic memes. However, according to a report by Vulture on Wednesday, the series is over for good, and Fielder himself decided to end it.

"For the past five years Comedy Central had the pleasure of working with the brilliant Nathan Fielder on Nathan For You," read a statement from the company. "His innovative and quick-witted humor has made the show a comedic touchstone and we're proud to have been a part of it. We respect Nathan's decision to end the series and look forward to geeking out over his next project."

Fielder himself made no comment about the cancellation and has yet to address it on social media. The comedian went deep into character for the show, committing to his premises until they became uncomfortable, cringe-worthy and utterly hilarious. The show has pulled off some high profile stunts over the years, including a fake viral video that made national news before the series even premiered. His antics showed how seriously business owners would take advice when there was a camera in front of them, and how much strangeness customers would put up with to get a good deal.

Fielder began his comedy career on YouTube, making him a perfect fit for a show like this. He went on to appear in This Hour Has 22 Minutes, a Canadian comedy series from 2007 to 2009. Finally, he co-created Nathan For You with Michael Koman, bringing the series to the air in 2013.

Fielder's decision to end the series makes a bit more sense when looking at what he has done since. He has broken into the mainstream in a big way, with roles on Bob's Burgers, Animals. and Transparent, among others. He also appeared in last year's The Disaster Artist. With his reputation for innovative comedy, Fielder will likely be breaking onto the mainstream after the success of his brainchild show.

On social media, Fielder's fans mostly agreed that he would be moving on to bigger and better things. They also respected his decision to end the show now, while it is at the top of its game, rather than milking it for more drawn out seasons. Still, they were sad to see the series go.

"Best thing a show can do is end while it's on top," one person pointed out.

"Sad but saw this coming," added another. "In the season 4 finale Nathan hinted he was tired of doing the show. Looking forward to his next endeavor tho."