'Modern Family': Haley Shares Unplanned Pregnancy News With Her Siblings

Modern Family's latest episode showed how Haley shared her big pregnancy news with some members of her family, leading to hilarious consequences.

During "Putting Down Roots," the family explore the different items that DeDe left them in her will after she died earlier in the season, as Haley continued to reel from finding out she was pregnant.

"Remember how I used to hide in here and pop out like a scary monster?" Luke (Nolan Gould) joked. "I had so much promise back then."

Haley (Sarah Hyland), Luke and Alex (Arden Winter) find an old puzzle and they tease Alex about how they were able to solve it and she never could, which leads to a new competition. Haley also finds an old doll she used to play with and her pregnancy hormones get the best of her and she starts crying uncontrollably.

"I guess I really miss Nana," she says.

"And also I'm pregnant," Haley tells the cameras in a side interview. "Dylan and I haven't told anyone because I'm still trying to get my head around it but, holding Lulu made it so real... I'm going to have an actual baby..."

Alex starts to feel like something might be going on with Haley when she says she's going to make lunch.

"You're eating lunch? Is there some new internet challenge I'm not aware of? And why is your doll in bandages?" she asks.

"You know me. I always love playing doctor," Haley says.

She later tells the cameras: "The truth is I accidentally ran her over and ripped her arm off, which would've been fine if that was the only baby-mangling issue I had today."

She is then seen accidentally setting the doll on fire when she was trying to make lunch. She then shares her fears about being a bad mother, trying to lie to herself saying that a baby would be easier.

"A real baby would let you know if it was... on fire," Haley jokes.

Later, Luke reveals to Alex that he broke the puzzle so that his sister would never be able to solve it and he had one thing he could hold over her head. The reveal leads them to fight and Haley intervenes, giving them both a stern talk that makes her thing she might be a good mom after all.

"Haley what's going on with you today, are you O.K.?" Alex asks her sister.

"O.K., so no one else knows, especially mom and dad. So you can't tell anybody but... I'm pregnant,"

"You're pregnant?" Luke asks coming out of the toy box.

Alex is shocked by the news and Haley tells them not to look at her with judgmental eyes.

"It's a wow, that's... that's a lot to process," Alex says. "Do you even know who the father."

"It's Dylan." Haley says.

"Oh... what a joyous," Alex starts, but Haley tells her to save it.

Haley starts to freak out and call herself a terrible mother, but both Alex and Luke give her examples about how she used to take care of them throughout their childhoods.


With the rest of the family worried about their own baggage, we will have to wait to see how they will react to the baby news, including Claire (Julie Bowen) and Phil (Ty Burrell).

Modern Family airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.