'Modern Family' Features Tense Fallout After Major Betrayal

One of the members of Modern Family might have made their worst mistake yet in the latest episode. The ABC comedy series' latest episode featured Gloria (Sofia Vergara) enlisting Luke (Nolan Gould) on a mission to help Manny (Rico Rodriguez) get over his heartbreak over ex-girlfriend Sherry (Hilary Ann Matthews). However, a big mistake might have led to a big family rift.

Spoilers ahead for Modern Family Season 11, Episode 9: "Tree's A Crowd"

The episode revolved mostly around Claire (Julie Bowen) and Phil (Ty Burrell) hoping to pair up the late DeeDee's husband Jerry (Ed Begley) with Dylans' mom (Rachael Bay Jones). The installment also saw as Gloria tasked Luke to go to one of Sherry's improv shows and convince her that breaking up with Manny was a huge mistake.

"Improv is no different than getting waterboarded. Just stay calm, go to a pleasant place in your mind and remember you're not actually dying," Gloria tells Luke to appease his mind after he begs not to have to go to the big event.

Jay (Ed O'Neill) thinks it is not a good idea, which leads Gloria to tell him he does not care about other people's feelings. That gives him his own idea about how to cheer up his stepson. He brings another girl to the house in an attempt to get him to get over Sherry.

As the drama ensues at the house, Luke arrives and takes Gloria aside. She hopes the things went well when he went to the improv performance, but it was the exact opposite. Luke reveals he and Sherry ended up kissing.

He revealed via flashback that he was forced to sit through the entire performance after the group locked the doors when the skits begun. The first one was miserable, and then Sherry went onstage performing as the first Octopus president. Her comedy skills reminded Luke of a "hot girl" version of his dad, and he enjoyed the rest of the event.

After the show, Luke and Sherry talked for a while and the bonding ends with a kiss. Gloria starts to reprimand him for his actions, but Manny and Jay end up overhearing the whole thing. Manny is devastated by Luke's betrayal and walks away.


Jay sternly tells Luke he messed up, he is very disappointed in him and asks him to leave the house. We will have to wait and see if next week's Christmas celebrations lead to a reconciliation.

What did you think of this week's episode? Modern Family airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.