People Have One Big Fear About Tonight's 'Miss Universe' Pageant

It's been two years since Steve Harvey's infamous Miss Universe 2015 flub, but people are still scared that he'll do it again at tonight's pageant in Las Vegas.

Back in 2015, Harvey announced the wrong winner, naming runner-up Miss Colombia Adriana Gutierrez as the new Miss Universe. A few minutes later, he suddenly said the real winner was Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach.

Later, Harvey apologized on Twitter, but made yet another mistake. He spelled both Colombia and Philippines wrong in his message. He deleted it and replaced it with a correctly-spelled apology.

Harvey was invited back to host in 2016, and the pageant ended without a repeat of the viral moment. The 2017 pageant will be his third time hosting.

The 2015 flub is still fresh in everyone's minds and some fear that it could happen again.

"Steve Harvey is hosting the #MissUniverse pageant tonight anyone else remember the last time I remember him hosting a pageant wonder if that will repeat itself again tonight that's his only fear tonight I bet," one person wrote.

"If Steve Harvey announces the wrong name again i will lose my s**t," another person wrote.

"Calling it now, Donald Trump will bash the Miss Universe pageants ratings tomorrow morning and Steve Harvey will call the winning contestant, Miss Saturn," another added.

Another Twitter user was just stunned to learn that 2015 was two years ago. "You mean to tell me it was TWO YEARS AGO when Steve Harvey messed up the Miss Universe results??!" he wrote.

Here are some other reactions to Harvey hosting again.


The Miss Universe pageant starts at 7 p.m. ET on Fox.