Megyn Kelly Not Writing $10 Million Matt Lauer Tell-All, Despite Report

People close to NBC host Megyn Kelly have denied claims that she's writing a "tell-all book" about the years of sexual misconduct perpetrated by Matt Lauer.

The story cropped up in Life and Style Magazine this week, and was quickly picked up by their sister site, Closer. In it, anonymous sources say that Kelly began considering a book about systemic sexual harassment after the hashtag "me too" first took off. Though she was reportedly inspired by the toppling of Harvey Weinstein and other powerful figures, Life and Style claims that Lauer's case "lit a fire under her."

“She wasn’t Matt’s colleague for very long," the source said, "but long enough to gather information about him to fill a book, which is exactly what she’s planning to do.” They described a book focused on “Matt’s dirty deeds and horrible antics with women.”

They continued that Kelly was “already fielding offers from publishers,” and says a “publishing expert” told her she “could command a $10 million payday" with her information.

The source added that Kelly has been receiving “shocking emails from women who want to tell their stories about Matt.”

The report appears to be overblown, if not completely disingenuous. A new report by GossipCop says that multiple sources have denied the Life and Style version of events. While it's possible that Kelly has plans for some kind of book about the "me too" revolution, she has no plans to specifically attack Lauer.

In fact, Kelly's contracts and non-disclosure agreements with NBC would likely prevent her from writing a book targeting Lauer or The Today Show. On top of that, Kelly was actually pretty gentle with Lauer on air in the days after his termination. She described him as a "kind and supportive" friend, and said of his misconduct that she'd heard "rumors, but that's all."

Kelly is in no position to push her luck with NBC. She was under scrutiny this week for refusing to host Michael Wolff on her show. The author of Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House has been making the rounds on news media, but Kelly didn't want to speak with him because of an unflattering article he wrote about her just under a year ago. Shortly after that story broke, rumors began circulating that Kelly's hour on Today would be pushed back to a later time-slot.