Megyn Kelly Is Absolutely Fuming Over 'Racist' 'Ziwe' Episode

Megyn Kelly has a bone to pick with the new Showtime series Ziwe. According to Vice, Kelly criticized the show, which features joke-filled segments and skits from comedian Ziwe Fumudoh, for a specific segment that was aired in the premiere episode. Kelly, a former Fox News anchor, shared a three-page letter that was originally written by Spence alumni Gabriella Baron, who criticized the fact that an episode of Ziwe was shown in her daughter's class.

Baron specifically took issue with Ziwe for the episode, as it featured a discussion about the "phenomenon of white women." The episode included an interview with author Fran Leibowitz. While the segment featured a humorous discussion about a serious matter, Baron took issue with the content nonetheless. Baron, whose daughter attends the $57,385 per year Spence school where the episode was shown, wrote in her letter that the comedy series features "hate speech against white women." On Twitter, Kelly not only shared Baron's letter, but she also expressed her feelings about the situation.

Kelly referred to the episode as "grossly racist" and that it featured an attack on "white women." She also noted that Baron pulled her child from the Spence school after the episode was aired in class. The former Today anchor even said that she pulled her own child from the school due to its "growing far-left indoctrination." Kelly's message was instantly met with criticism, with many pointing out to both her and Baron that Ziwe is meant to be satirical in nature (even amid the discussion about topics such as racism and class politics).


Ziwe originally began with the comedian's YouTube and Instagram Live show Baited, during which she would invite guests who were involved in various scandals so that they could address the issue and answer questions about race relations, per the AV Club. Even though Kelly isn't a fan of the show, it seems as though many others are. On Tuesday, Ziwe was renewed for a second season at Showtime. Fumudoh released a statement about the news, saying, "This show has exceeded my wildest imagination thanks to my brilliant cast, crew and iconic guests. I am famously delighted to continue my collaboration with Showtime and A24."