'Mayans M.C.' Will Never Be on Netflix, Kurt Sutter Says

Sons of Anarchy spinoff series Mayans M.C. will not be coming to Netflix any time soon.

Series creator Kurt Sutter announced the news via social media when he commented on the flagship motorcycle drama being taken off the streaming platform on Dec. 1.

"The simple explanation why SOA is no longer on Netflix and neither will MAYANS... The Disney/Fox deal was about creating a competing streaming platform. That is the future of TV. Although it'll take a minute to launch, F/D's content is their biggest asset in that marketplace," Sutter wrote on Twitter.

He added: "You can still watch FX shows on FXNow, Hulu and Amazon. At least, for now... I know that doesn't help if you only have Netflix, but in this ever-changing digital landscape, we are doing our f—ing best to get content on as many streaming sources as possible. Sorry it's wack (sic)."

Fans of the series commented on Sutter's social media statement, expressing their disappointment that other viewers wouldn't get the chance to be introduced to the series on Netflix.

"I own the [Sons of Anarchy] on Blu-ray but netflix is how I found out about SOA & caught up to watch it live on TV. We all know Netflix is the reason SOA viewership and ratings went up for S3. Sad Mayans is now denied the same opportunity," one user commented.

"Thank goodness I have the SOA box set (Which by the way is amazing) And Ill will be doing the same with Mayans!" another user wrote.

"Yeah I hear ya. That's why I've not cancelled my FX plus subscription yet. All SOA and mayans mc episodes are on there," another commented.

Mayans M.C. premiered its first season in September 2018, introducing viewers to EZ Reyes (J.D. Pardo) and the world of the Santo Padre Charter of the Mayans motorcycle club.

The first season showed multiple links to Sons of Anarchy, including cameo appearances by some of the flagship series' biggest characters — including Katey Sagal's Gemma Teller Morrow and Happy Lowman (David Labrava).

Netflix confirmed Sons of Anarchy's departure from its streaming library in November. The exit comes after the streaming service and the network failed to reach a deal in August 2017. Since then, FX series have slowly been making their way out of Netflix.


The League, Archer and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia have already left the service. American Horror Story, however, remains in place in the streaming service, likely due to its connection to executive producer Ryan Murphy, who is now a part of Netflix's executive producers creating shows exclusively for the streaming service.

Mayans M.C. will return for its second season in 2019.