'Mayans M.C.' Star Michael Irby Speculates Over Season 3 Finale's Aftermath: 'It Doesn't Look Good for Them' (Exclusive)

While the season finale of Mayans M.C. had fans holding their breath until the very end, one cast member was perhaps even more shocked at the final moments of Episode 10 as fans were. Actor Michael Irby, best known as the Santo Padre clubhouse's president, Bishop, disclosed like fans, he too is asking the same questions: How will his crew get out of this one following that wild showdown? In an exclusive sit-down with PopCulture.com, Irby revealed though he doesn't actually know how Season 4 will take off, he has a few possible ideas how his charter could find their way out of the confrontational situation. Spoilers ahead on the Season 3 finale.

"Honestly, it doesn't look good for them," Irby said over season 3 finale's final moments that find the Santo Padre charter with their backs against the wall as other fellow Mayans charters attempt to tear down their walls. It seems like other charters are out for blood, all while several including Bishop, EZ (JD Pardo), Taza (Raoul Max Trujillo), Hank (Frankie Loyal), and Coco (Richard Cabral) — who is no longer a Mayans member at the moment — are falling apart emotionally due to personal issues and after witnessing one of their brothers, Steve (Momo Rodriguez), die by suicide in episode 9.

Now, while it appears possibly all of the Mayans charters are banging down Santo Padre's gate, Irby confessed he's not even sure how they'll find their way out of this one. "I read the script and I saw there was a few Mayans outside of the gate, and [then] I watched it — because I wasn't there that day; we shot that on a different day. I watched, I said, 'Holy cow guys!' there's only six of us in here, there's only six of us in here! We're falling apart right now. I don't even know if our heads are in it," the actor said. "You got EZ standing out by the gate with a gun, with nine bullets in it. I want to go out and drag him back inside and say, 'Buddy, okay, we need to regroup.'"

Like fans, Irby can only speculate what might happen next in the Season 4 premiere. "We might have bombs and C4s set up outside, we might have to take the heights on it and start poppin' people from the top, because if we can keep that gate shut, it's like the Trojan war, right? If we can keep them on the other side of the gate, there's maybe going to be a chance, but there are quite a few Mayans out there," Irby said, noting that although he knew that scene was coming after reading the script, he couldn't help but to wonder what was next for his character. "I gotta say, even watching the show and knowing what's going to happen, I was like, 'D— Elgin! So, listen, am I dead? Are we starting a whole new Mayans? Is it Mayans Tuscon? Mayans Oakland? What are we doing, brother?'"

It's safe to say the 48-year-old is anticipating answers just like his fans. It was announced in early May that the cast and crew will be back for a Season 4, and fans could not be more thrilled they'll continue to watch their favorite characters battle it out. In the meantime, Irby is keeping busy with other projects, including shooting a film in Georgia, and perfecting his skills on the golf course — a place he enjoys spending his free time.


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