'Mayans M.C.' Fans Lose It Over 'Sons of Anarchy' Murder Connection

Mayans M.C. tied one of its central mysteries to a member of the Sons of Anarchy, leaving fans breathless in the finale's final moments.

The surprise came after the early return of two Sons of Anarchy characters, which also included a reference to flagship series lead Jax Teller. After the Mayans agree to pass a motion ensuring a new alliance with the Charming, California, charter of the Sons.

The successful motion comes with a party that sees the arrival of three Sons members, including Happy Lowman (David Labrava).

Happy and Rane (Rusty Coones) greet two Mayans members, Che "Taza" Romero (Raoul Trujillo) and Hank "El Tranq" Loza (Frankie Loyal).

"Reaper brothers," Taza says.

"Amigos!" Happy says. "I love it here."

Mayans M.C. fans loved seeing the Sons of Anarchy characters arriving for the finale, adding to the ever-growing number of connections between the two series.

"That's Happy," one user wrote.

"So happy to see HAPPY back on my screen," another user wrote.

"OMG Happyyyyyyyy!!" another one commented.

Things get complicated later on, however, at the party for the new alliance, when a Sons prospect asks EZ (JD Pardo) to get a beer for his sponsor. EZ looks up to see the man offscreen, and the show flashes back to the scene of his mother's death.

EZ is seen finding the car we saw in the first flashback, belonging to the killer, and crashing into it with his truck. EZ then chases the man by foot but the peace is interrupted by a voice telling him to stop. EZ reacts and shoots at the person who spoke, who turns out to be the police officer he is later convicted for killing.

Still int he past EZ continues to chase his mother's killer and sees him through a fence before he escapes. The man's face is revealed and it turns out to be Happy.

Back in the present, the episode comes to an end with EZ looking at Happy with a menacing look.

The stressful cliffhanger left many fans of the series in shock, leaving them to wonder what will happen next.

"WTF it was Happy," one user wrote after the shocking twist.

"BITCCHHG Happy murdered his momma?" another user wrote.


"Holy sh— nooooooo why Happy now we have to wait until next season," a third user commented.

Mayans M.C. will return for its second season likely in 2019.