Max Still Missing Major Arrowverse Shows

The newly-rebranded Max streaming service is better than ever and includes plenty of fan-favorite titles, especially from parent company Warner Bros. Discovery. This includes a plethora of DC titles, but unfortunately, a good chunk of shows from The CW's Arrowverse is still missing. Arrow, The Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirland Black Lightning are all absent from Max's library, but only because they were part of a deal between The CW and Netflix that is good for at least five years after the streamer acquires the final season.

It's still going to be at least another two years before most of the Arrowverse starts to make its way to Max unless the deal with Netflix ends earlier than that. It's possible that the shows could come to the streamer a lot sooner while still keeping the deal with Netflix, as there are many shows that are on more than one streamer. However, there isn't any indication that that will be happening any time soon, so fans will just have to stick with Netflix, at least for the most part. This is just another thing that Max fans will have to get used to.

While those shows won't be on Max for quite some time, there are still some others that fans can watch. Batomwan is the only canonically Arrowverse series that is on Max due to premiering after The CW and Netflix cut ties and the network struck a new deal with HBO Max. There are also the CW Seed animated series Vixen and Freedom Fighters: The Ray, which have both been condensed into a film, so there is still some semblance of the Arrowverse on Max, even if it's not fully.

There is also Superman & Lois and DC's Stargirl available to stream on Max. Even though both of those have revealed they are not technically part of the Arrowverse, they are both pretty good consolations. It can also be argued that they are part of the Arrowverse due to The Flash revealing that the multiverse is back, so fans may just have to look at it their own way, whatever they choose. Either way, most of the shows in the now-ended universe won't be on Max for a while, but they are available to watch on Netflix. Plus, there is plenty to stream on Max, so fans will just have to pick and choose and hope that The Flash or the Green Arrow switch streamers earlier than expected.