Ann Curry Fans Reveling Over Matt Lauer's Sexual Assault Scandal

News of Matt Lauer’s termination is being met with cheers from fans of Ann Curry, Lauer’s former co-anchor on Today whom they blame for her firing in 2012.

NBC News announced Wednesday the 59-year-old Lauer had been terminated due to allegations of sexual assault by a staffer. The incident is said to have occurred at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, and it might not have been an isolated incident.

But fans of Curry are calling Lauer’s termination karma.

“Matt Lauer just caught his karma bus and Ann Curry was driving,” one Twitter user said.

“Ann Karma has paid Matt a visit today. I’ve always believed he orchestrated your removal from The Today Show. I pray we will see you back on TV soon. Be BLESSED,” another person wrote on one of Curry’s Instagram posts.

One Twitter user gave the wise advice that “life comes at you fast.”


“#MattLauer fired from the #TodayShow over inappropriate behavior. #AnnCurry has been vindicated. Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Lauer could have stood up for Ann and did not. Guess no one is standing up for him!” one Twitter user wrote.

Curry, who had been at NBC News for 25 years including 15 at Today, was fired from the morning show in June 2012 after ratings fell behind rival ABC's Good Morning America. Lauer, her co-anchor at the time, was allegedly moved into her position in attempts to bring ratings back up.