Martha Stewart Joins 'Chopped' as a Judge

Martha Stewart is coming to the Food Network.

The businesswoman and television personality will join the upcoming season of one of the cooking network's biggest hits, fast-paced cooking competition Chopped as a judge, meaning she will be on the show on a weekly basis.

Not many details were revealed after the announcement, PEOPLE reports, meaning its unclear how many episodes Stewart will be appearing in, or if she will be replacing any of the other regular judges from the show like Alex Guarnaschelli, Amanda Freitag, Geoffrey Zakarian, Aarón Sanchez, Maneet Chauhan or Marc Murphy.

According to a statement from parent company Discovery Networks, "the returning iconic competition series ups the ante this year, when the one-and-only Martha Stewart joins the cast as a judge, bringing her food expertise, impeccable credentials and discerning critique to the judges' table."

This won't be Stewart's first trip to the Chopped universe, as she made appearances on the child-centric edition of the franchise, Chopped Junior, back in 2015, one for Thanksgiving and a Christmas-themed episode.

Stewart recently made headlines with a hilarious video where she played "Never Have I Ever" for Harper's BAZAAR YouTube channel.

The rules were simple. Every time a "Never Have I Ever" statement was false, Stewart had to take a sip.

The first statement was "Never Have I Ever Regifted A Bottle of Wine."

"Not true," Stewart said, taking a swig. "If it's a bad wine it gets given away."

Next up was if she had ever kissed someone on a first date.

"Not true," Stewart said while shaking her head. "How else are you going to get to know them fast?"

Stewart married Andrew Stewart, then a student at Yale Law School, in 1961, and the two stayed married and had a daughter before divorcing in 1990. She's previously dated Anthony Hopkins and billionaire Charles Simonyi, but she broke up with the latter back in 2008.

Next up she was asked if she ever used Tinder, Bumble or any other dating apps.

"No I use (which also owns Tinder), to great disappointment," Stewart said. "They just don't make algorithms for people like me. I'm a complicated date, for God sake."


Despite her friendship with rapper Snoop Dogg, Stewart claimed she's never smoked weed in her life. The duo's surprising friendship led to the VH1 variety show Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party, which concluded its second season in November.

Guest stars from the eight-episode second season included music and entertainment stars like Sharon Osbourne, George Lopez, Wendy Williams, Post Malone, LL Cool J, Kate Upton, Usher, Jamie Foxx and Jeff Ross.