Mad Mikkelsen Teases 'Hannibal' Season 4

Mad Mikkelsen has teased that Hannibal Season 4 may happen, saying that producers are looking for a way to bring the series back. While speaking with Bloody Disgusting about his upcoming Netlfix action film Polar — which is based on a comic book series of the same name — the conversation turned to the beloved crime-thriller series and whether or not it could return.

"Yeah, I think there's always new hope," Mikkelsen told the outlet. "I haven't heard anything specific. I know Bryan [Fuller] is still working on some ideas where we can find a new home for this. I also have a strong feeling that everybody who was involved in it would gladly pick up the glove again if that happens." He went on to clarify that he does not know any specifics, but has heard rumblings that options are being explored. "I don't know where they looked," Mikkelsen admitted. "That is above my paycheck, but I know they've been talking to different studios."

Hannibal aired for three season on NBC, and while it was a major critical success, it simply did not bring in enough viewers for the network to continue with it. It has continued to garner critical acclaim after its cancellation, with many publications citing it as a TV show that was canceled too soon. Mikkelsen played the title star, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, while Hugh Dancy (Hulu's The Path) played FBI special investigator Will Graham. Hannibal was developed for TV by producer Bryan Fuller, who also created shows such as Pushing Daisies and Dead Like Me.

If the show does come back, there is a good chance that it will move on to the Silence of the Lambs storyline, since most of the first three seasons followed the Red Dragon story. "I know that [Fuller] was working to get the rights to Silence of the Lambs so he could get in there and use some of those characters for his own universe," Mikkelsen stated. "I have a hunch that might be where we're going."


In June 2017, Fuller spoke about the show potentially returning and explained what he was planning for the series if it was picked up. "There's an interesting next chapter in the relationship between Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter that would be fascinating to unpack," Fuller said, as reported by IndieWire. "I've shared it with the gentlemen and they're both keen on it." Regarding his initial ideas for the next entry into the Hannibal legacy, Fuller added, "It was going to be Inception meets Angel Heart." At this time, there do not appear to be any concrete plans for Hannibal to return.